Co-Lab brings brilliant scientists and talented artists together.

Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art brings together street artists and early career scientists to collaborate one-on-one and conceptualise artworks based on the scientists’ research and discoveries. The public is then invited watch as these artworks evolve throughout the event and read descriptions written by the scientists. The scientists involved are also on hand to answer your niggling questions as you take in the science-inspired street art.

Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art 2017

Watch street artists at work as science-inspired murals take shape throughout the day. Local street artists collaborated one-on-one with early career scientists to create these artworks that celebrate their research and discoveries. The scientists were also on hand to answer your questions! Food, drinks science stalls and entertainment were be available throughout the day at the Old Bus Depot nearby.

This event was a great success and we will be uploading the photos from the day soon!

Lee Constable started Co-Lab in 2015 as a student project as part of a Master of Science Communication Outreach course. In 2016 Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art is an ACT National Science Week event happening in conjunction with the Science in ACTion festival.

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